MAZDA ロードスター ND型 RF ターボキット (2,0L用)

  • ¥605,000
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AVO Base Turbo Kit includes the following:
AVO 18/49 Billet Turbocharger with Ceramic Coating
AVO Stainless Steel Cast Exhaust Manifold with Ceramic Coating
AVO Water and Oil Hosing & Fittings.
AVO Stainless Steel Turbo Outlet with Ceramic Coating
AVO Bar & Plate Front Mount Intercooler with Reinforced Silicone Hosing & Powdercoated Steel Piping
AVO Air Box Top Lid with AVO Drop-In Air Filter

AVO Stage 1 Turbo Kit adds the following:
AVO Power + Plug and Play ECU Reflash Tool with Base Map

AVO Stage 2 Turbo Kit adds the following:
AVO 2.5” Exhaust System with Hi flow cat converter